Welcome to Binary School

We offer online Coding classes. Classes use the Zoom app to create a virtual classroom where kids work with others. Classes are broken up into age groups.


Sluit aan by ons aanlyn kodering klasse in Afrikaans. Klasse word met behulp van die Zoom toepassing aangebied, en kinders werk saam met ander in a virtuele klaskamer. Klasse word volgens ouderdoms groepe groepeer en aangebied.

  • Scratch JR Ouderdom 6 tot 9
  • Scratch 2.0 Ouderdom 10 tot 12
  • Microsoft Small Basic Ouderdom 13 to 15
  • Java (Eclipse IDE) Ouderdom 16 tot 18

epos: info@binaryschool.co.za

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) come together no more than in Robotics. Our Robotics programs are based on Arduino Electronics components. We focus on developing the child’s thinking ability using our narrative based learning approach.

Kobe the Robot is our Robotics Tortoise, programmable with the Arduino IDE. Kids follow him on a journey to save the Rhino from extinction as he combats poachers in our Narrative guided lessons.